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Metabase Backup Assisted Iis

IIS 6.0 Administrative backup. The metabase is a hierarchical structure to store the configuration settings for IIS. It performs the same function as the system registry on Windows, but it is specific to IIS. The metabase configuration and scheme for … Continue reading

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JSC “Business Technology”

JSC "Business Technology" conducted a comprehensive automation of the Insurance Company Ltd. 'AMKOpolis' on the basis of "1C: Enterprise 8 Salary and Personnel Management" and "1C: Enterprise 8 Continent Insurance Insurance Company Ltd. "AMKOpolis" started to use new information systems … Continue reading

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Holding Avirsa Increases Efficiency Of All Activities

Automated 250 jobs. As a result, 30% reduced costs of meeting the staff holding standard accounting operations. Ensure the effective monitoring of receivables and payables, no cash gaps. Increased speed automatic formation of the consolidated financial statements of the holding … Continue reading

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