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ERP Markus

new financial & comparison portal finanzfin.de which has “quo vadis private financial customers” prior to 18 months started study the requirements, wishes and the behavior of consumers in the financial sector studied. The portal FinanzFin.de is the step to implement … Continue reading

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Latin American

Video distribution provider VideoCounter.com is leading position in the European area from video distribution provider VideoCounter.com is leading position in the European area from Madrid/Dinslaken, 14.07.2011 – now online support the VideoCounter.com also the automatic video upload to the Spanish … Continue reading


SwissRegio – The Web Directory For Companies In The Switzerland

SwissRegio global-regional network-the industry book was rarely there so easy to present themselves on the Internet for companies in the Switzerland. The Web directory of the SwissRegio finally offers the possibility to present themselves simply and easily. You must fill … Continue reading


The Live Shopping Portal Schutzgeld.de Starts The First Week Of The Wii!

The municipality of protection money continues to grow steadily. Meanwhile, over 25,000 registered users look daily at midnight after the current day product. “Protection money now starts the Wii week by the 25.808 31.08.2008 starts the Godfather the so-called Wii … Continue reading


Tax Consultants And Advertising

If I was accountant and would have to read this, I’d be pretty depressed: quote: for details, contains the laws concerning the rights and obligations in the exercise of the professions of accountants and the tax agent (professional rules of … Continue reading


Sensoy24 Of Slightly Different FreeMailer

New account with ‘ first class’ offer! You earn on each SMS and each email you send. The landscape of the mail services has become extended by a really good offer. Sensoy24.de, the largest private account on the Internet, offers … Continue reading


Parking-finder.com Simplifies The Search For Free Parking

New mobile service for stress-stricken motorists in major cities Munich, 06.01.2010 – parking-finder.com offers for the first time a mobile solution, to locate soon freed up parking. In the context of an Internet community, members report free parking parking-finder.com Web … Continue reading