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Tax Code

Fairness in taxation – an issue has, above all moral and ethical character, when taxes must be “a legal and fair basis” 3. Clarify the nature of justice in taxation, M. Sergey Brin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. … Continue reading

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US Financial Crisis

The financial crisis born in the financial and construction industries the U.S. has spread to the entire planet. In 2000-2005, the U.S. was rampant distribution of loans, including mortgages, home under a mortgage is not only took the "lazy". America … Continue reading

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Jobs In Banks – Features Inspector Credit

It’s no secret that time is constantly moving, everything changes in every area of our lives. Consider, for example, the market trades. Recently, it has grown significantly, thanks to new for our country specialties. One of the fairly well-known – … Continue reading

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