Successful Companies

This one is for me, one of the pleasures of the life that to much people it needs to discover. That love that you can be contributed, that spirit that you can be given, that eternal company that you must maintain with you same. It is not certain? With who we are more throughout our life is with we ourself, so llevarte with same you is advisable well, tratarte and cuidarte by same you. In order to be able to make a company pleasant, since if your own company is pleasant, when you have more company will be the double of pleasant. I have appreciated in all long and wide it of my life that are many people who do not know to be with they themselves. to seem it is to be of for taken there here by the wind and with little imposed reason. That is to say, if it takes to you the wind is because you do not know clearly towards where you go.

The first step is conocerte, knowledge that is what you want and to project towards it to be able to be one more a piece of this society and what is but important, to learn to quererte. It seems to me a terrible scorn towards one same one not to know how to be solo with himself, that is to say, now I must be with this person and if it takes I begin to put of the nerves. Another example: Something terrible has succeeded me, I need to call to somebody so that it consoles to me. Only a sample of inner weakness that we could learn with practice. We agree in which the person is by sociable nature, that is to say, by nature we were related and is something basic at personal level, and even more in these times than they run.


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