Subsequent Heating

Renovation of old buildings – radiator against a floor heating to be replaced. In the renovation of old buildings, often the desire to change also the heating surfaces and to replace the existing radiators to under-floor. Meanwhile, there is underfloor heating systems with low construction height that can be installed without major structural work. Today, many billion euros are invested in the refurbishment of old buildings. The high prices for the fossil fuels of gas and oil, allow here hardly an alternative. It is for such renovations but not only to save energy, often also the existing real estate to be spiced up a bit visually. The still State of the art in the seventies of the last century plate radiators have long lost their attractiveness and are an eye-catcher even when they are mounted in a corresponding radiator niche more dust collection and less.

There must be a way but to retrofit a surface heating. Now have several manufacturers on the adjusted trend and offer Products for the subsequent installation of underfloor heating in the building on. Mostly in the thin-bed method set underfloor heating elements it need only a few millimetres in height and are so often without great press work to retrofit. The often high at old heating system temperatures are another problem. Underfloor heating can not operate with flow temperatures of 70 degrees or more.

Also there are solutions on the market. Small compact control stations that allow you to connect of several heating circuits usually and in all required control equipment, mixers and pumps are already fitted. The control stations you can in the old radiator niches nicely fit and connect directly to the existing pipe network. The mixer in the control stations provide it in other rooms to continue the operation of the old radiator, because certainly you will equip all rooms with underfloor heating. Living rooms and bathrooms, the pleasant are particularly obese Heat from the ground offers a special feeling of wellbeing in the bathroom. In addition to the underfloor heating can be found but also radiant heating systems such as the heating of the wall or the ceiling. Just the ceiling had a rather bad image that transforms itself but slowly in recent years. At design temperatures that were formerly common of 70 degrees or more, the heat was felt from above, as a rather unpleasant. Author Berthold Zumbrink Ingenieurburo comb Edmunds

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