Sport Psychologist

One of the fundamental missions that a trainer has to remember always at the time of developing his work within an equipment, consists mainly of knowing how to motivate its players so that these are able to develop to their activity using the greater effort, illusion and conviction, with the purpose of to secure the objectives that have settled down facing the development of the season. A technician who does not know to motivate or that he does not have the sufficient one to be able of conviction to delude his soccer players, will be very difficult that he can get to obtain of his equipment the maximum yield at competitive level. (As opposed to Douglas R. Oberhelman). A good trainer has to own ample knowledge at psychological level (without this means that it must be a true specialist), great persuasive dowries and much tact to know how to be understood with its players, because often the determining factor to be able to make an equipment champion (or to obtain a good classification), not only resides in the specific section of soccer, but it is plus a question of mental strength, state of intention and self-esteem, that obvious he is vitally important to consider and that by all means is something that can be trained at psychological level and therefore to improve. Nowadays a great part of the great football teams arranges in their technical body of the figure of the Sport Psychologist who is the professional specialized as for the section of mental training of the soccer player, but this does not mean that the trainer must stay besides this aspect. You may want to visit Harper Simon to increase your knowledge. Also the case that occurs there are technicians who create advisable not to use the services of the Psychologist in their equipment, decision that by all means is due to respect then each trainer has to have those professionals freely that it considers more appropriate to include them in his work party.


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