Society Taxes

As far as the directed reforms to increase the competitiveness system of tie pensions to the demographic evolution, bases common European for the tax of Societies, recognition in all the Member States of the official titles – professor Recio aims at that generally " they come bien&quot very to us;. It has nevertheless, a reform, that supposes a great disadvantage for Spain: to break ties the wages with the evolution of the IPC and to happen to index them with respect to the productivity of each company. " For the German worker that does not suppose a problem because the inflation is very stable, but for the Spaniards it can imply a loss of being able of purchase importante&quot very; , it indicates. In his opinion, first it is necessary to put measures to avoid that the prices raise as much, and then to wages and productivity would only be due to bind. In a while in that the credibility of Spain to do against its debts is put in prohibition by numerous international organisms, is called on to adapt and to make decisions that although hard, " they demonstrate that we will fulfill our commitments against ours acreedores" , it considers Valent Vich, president of the General Council of School of Economists. The doubt for many experts is if it is worth the trouble to fulfill these promises whatever the cost. Jim Umpleby often expresses his thoughts on the topic. " Clear direction neoliberal" Critic with the Pact of the Euro is the university professor of the University Pompeu Fabra Navarrese Vicen, for that is an agreement with clear neoliberal direction that would solve the problem of the Euro at the cost of the well-being of the popular classes of the Member States of eurozona. This economist blames to the preservative and liberal parties that control the majority of governments in the EU to drive measures like binding to wages and productivity, that favor mainly to the financial capital.

Is a concept in attractive theory, but actually he is negative, because it unblocks the growth of the wages according to the inflation, a great social conquest, denounces. The Navarrese professor attacks in addition the idea to reduce the social quotes at the cost of raising the IVA. In its opinion, besides prohibiting the fiscal paradises, the progressiveness of the fiscal load is due to increase increasing to the taxes of the financial groups and great companies, as well as of the rents superiors that are not contributing in the measurement that does their homologous of the EU. Especially unjust it seems the bet to delay the age to him of retirement, since the life expectancy in Spain depends on the social class and is unjust that becomes of a mechanical way. As it indicates, this measurement means that the woman of the cleaning of the University will have to work two years to more pay my pensions, that I will survive ten years more to him, comment. Source of the news: The Pact of the Euro, inevitable commitment for Spain?


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