Right Discounter

I think as for you, for me it's a little strange. Personally, I am willing to pay a little more money, but get with minimal service. But again, this 'hard' version of the discounter. More 'soft' give all that a minimum set of services so that you can feel like a civilized man of the 21st century. Second, that it will be noted – products presented in discounters, no worse than those that are sold in a store near your home. I assure you, if they saved on the quality of the goods, then would lose their customers, not to mention the expanding client base. The third – a characteristic feature of the discounter is relatively small shopping area (1000 square meters.) and the narrow range of goods, ie 5 types of low-fat yogurt, you will not see it. By the way, they often sell products under its own brand.

Now we should discuss the actual practice of discounters in relation to our reality, the benefit of the experience of Russian and Ukrainian companies can do it. All that is written above – works there, they have – in Europe and America. On CIS is a different mentality in people, although perhaps it's not in it. So, the most successful option in major metropolitan cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg) is a symbiosis between a discounter and hypermarket – when people go in 'Auchan' (was there in person, it is checked – cheap!) or 'Pyaterochka', with savings to buy goods for several weeks. In large secondary cities (again, consider the Russian experience) is more successful in the following format: discounter + 'shop at home', when a consumer buys, where closer. Discounters already exists in our country, not only in the capital. Take root if they have – time will tell. Rather, it is only a matter of time. In any case, choose the buyer, ie, You! Hopefully, this educational program has been useful for you, and you choose the right course in the vast gastronomy.


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