Spring tsvetotipa owners can be identified by a soft golden peach skin color, but it can also be light with a pinkish hue. And if you have freckles on her face, then they are more brown tones than gray. Many natural blonde, brown-haired blonde and reddish ladies belong precisely to that color direction, although the hair may be blond and pale, straw-colored, golden ash, light brown. The main thing in her hair – it's warm brown sheen. Eye color range is also extensive: gray, blue, teal, light brown, hazel, yellow-green. However, the eyes can not be too dark. Lips mostly pale pink. In general, the exterior is not there is an explicit contrast between the skin, eyes and lips.

Representatives of the tsvetotipa would be the best clothes of natural, gentle and warming colors, but perhaps not such contrast, as in the winter version. Well look at the many representatives of the spring colors of yellow, orange and red. It is worth paying attention to such shades of yellow and orange colors, as yellow-green, the color of caramel, yellow and pink, yellow-orange, deep orange, peach, apricot, coral. From the red color palette is best suited heating shades of pink. Many of the lighter shades of brown palette, as well as most colors yellow-green will look great.

In the blue range, you can choose light colors: light blue, cornflower, lilac. But with the dark color palette should be careful, it's better to leave people to fall. Harmonious whole Representatives of the spring look in clothes made of thin and light fabrics: jersey, cotton, linen, velvet and suede. If we talk about accessories, the jewelry and yellow gold in tune with the warmth of spring is better than silver. Spring – all new: a new germ, a new beginning, new life. Nature seems almost surreal after a long black and white winter. It seems too beautiful to be true. Everywhere sparkle bright colors with a subtle touch of acrylic paint. Life begins to move, all the gathering and gaining new momentum. Spring – the energy of motion of life itself. Spring, like the first gleam of dawn: a bright, vibrant, alive, almost unreal, unusual, fragile, dramatic, colorful, transient, volatile, flammable. Spring – it is: the triangular shape of the broken lines masculine and feminine at the same time the bright warm colors shining light fabrics contrast to three or more accessories flowers very large accessories

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