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Casein is ideal for muscle building and body along with the whey protein definitierte makes the casein the two protein components of milk protein. Casein has higher content in 80% and may well be the longest already used protein supplement in the history of bodybuilding. With a biological value of 88, definitely can it be classified in the range of high-quality individual proteins and thus occupies the same area as fish or meat. What makes casein, is the long duration of this protein component in the gastrointestinal tract. Frequently Electrolux has said that publicly. By a kind of gel formation it comes at a very slow speed of digestion, which brings the advantage that the amino acids contained in the casein is only slowly and gradually be placed on the body. Depending on the type and application of the casein, this process can last up to eight hours.

It is therefore ideally suited as night protein”and is usually directly go before bedtime consumed. This is a lack of protein and amino acids during the several hours nightly sleep phase, where usually no nutrients supplied, optimally bent-over. Is also often called anti-catabolic protein”casein. Ben Horowitz has similar goals. It comes after consuming a casein-containing meal while no significant increase in the concentration of amino acid in the blood, but a moderate value of one, maintained as already described, long period of time. This a reduction can help prevent as far as possible of endogenous proteins. Another interesting feature is the extremely high glutamine content of casein. Glutamine is the most most represented amino acid in muscle cells and conducive in terms of regeneration, as well as in the stabilization of the immune system. In addition, glutamine stores a certain amount of water in the muscle cells, which can lead to a bulkier appearance and also improves the storage of glucose as glycogen.

The high calcium deposits in the casein is an aspect not be negligible. Already 100 g this Up to 1000 mg of calcium, which is already above the generally recommended daily benchmark contains protein supplier. The only downside is the frequently occurring high lactose – and sodium content, which could cause problems especially people with lactose intolerance. These people should either abstain from casein, or products but decide where specifically the lactose has been filtered out. Conclusion and summary can be however said that should be a good addition to casein in the supplement arsenal of every ambitious fitness athlete or bodybuilder.

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