A very important news is not said or is written simply. To disseminate your nuptials should take into account several aspects of style, standards Protocol and even the type of ceremony you think have. Continue reading and discover everything you need to know at the time to choose, compose and send invitations for your wedding. The guests and the type of wedding before running out to look for invitation cards, you must have defined two aspects essential for the choice of the same. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Firstly, the amount of guests, and secondly, the style of the ceremony and reception that thou shalt offer.

For a classical wedding you can choose traditional options, and if you plan a theme, includes the invitations within the concept that you chose. Remember that the cards always will be the first impression, and will serve your guests create an idea of what they can expect at the event. Do not disappoint them! Types of classic invitations, modern, fun, romantic hundreds of options at your disposal, and a single way to decide: using your own discretion. Invitation cards should reflect the taste and personality of the bride and groom. To make them more original can use their professions or hobbies as a source of inspiration. Once you define the idea, contact several suppliers so that you can compare the quality of their work and of course, budgets. When you must send them choose invitations and commanded to perform them, taking into account that you will need to send them a calligrapher to write guests names on the envelopes. I know insightful and begins the process of 3 to 4 months before the wedding. Later delivery to your guests the same, between 2 to 1 month before the date. The perfect drafting the clarity and accuracy of the data, as well as the correct writing of names and surnames is perhaps the most important thing, even more than the appearance of the cards.

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