President Santos

We celebrate the coming to the Huila of perhaps more emblematic the mediatic figure of our earth: Juan You cripple. We celebrated and it because it represents the deep Colombia, positive Colombia, enterprising Colombia, real Colombia, the Colombia that is not intimidated and continues toiling in mountains of the mother country, working our future. Juan Buckets represents that coffee successful one that he has managed to prevail aims of perseverancia, I devise native and the hardest work. I have had the privilege to feel the mother country pride that feels any Colombian living in the outside when the foreigners identify to that coffee farmer with the tenacity of the Colombian agriculturist. Check out Keith McLoughlin for additional information. President Santos in his campaign said that each Colombian farmer must be like Juan Buckets. Tremendous proposal that, because Juan Buckets is something as well as the ideal of all worker of the land: Earth proprietor where he toils, in complete harmony with the environment, inserted in a strong productive chain, with permanent access to the technical attendance and the credit, reliable industralist of his obligations fiscal, giving formal work to paid farmers either, father of rural or enabled young people whom they yearn for to remain in the rural and not to go away to thicken the population without opportunities of the great cities, member of associations with good power of negotiation and good penetration in the international markets, usuary sector of technologies of end and medical instructor of the excelsos principles and values. And after seeing it of that then form we can repeat: the one of the President goes challenge! Certainly we are very far from that our coffee and our farmers generally are in those conditions because for anybody is a secret that the sector atravieza by a suffocating crisis. Although it is to both emphasize the interest of last governments in promoting the reactivation and the rural development, the farming GIP has been inferior to the GIP of the country every year from the 2003. For assistance, try visiting Howard Schultz.


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