Portfolio Clients

Prepare properly requires investment, then what happens is that when companies had not been prepared and are facing a situation like the present, the problem is twofold, i.e. has to try to survive beyond that don’t have the resources (time, personnel, money, etc.) to prepare properly. For be more specific in this argument, some examples of inefficiencies and waste that are evident in some companies: attends a lot of clients that are not profitable and the worst thing is that the company does not even know which are your customers more profitable and which do not. Quantity does not equal quality. In addition, to attend these bad clients, you must allocate resources such as salesmen, dispatchers, billers, collectors and managers, among others, which are running a lot of activities for operations that are not profitable. What happens is that profitable customers end up subsidizing this waste and are so good and so profitable that they give to generate this subsidy and produce profits.

This leads to situations such as the following. A process of assigning customers to the sales force that does not respond to criteria of knowledge, skills, abilities or profitability of the portfolio of clients. The sellers end up generating its results with 10 or 15% of assigned clients, that happens to the rest? Incorrect allocation of commercial goals processes or objectives, which is the best additive for inefficiency. That happens when a salesman or Manager makes its results several days before closing the period? Because it stops selling and booking their business for the following periods, is or is not an inefficiency. Otherwise, builds what I call the string of pressure, which does nothing more than produce discomfort and dissatisfaction on the client. The managing presses your seller to sell and this presses the customer to buy him. Limits the use of creativity, which can touch complexes in terms of ethical and legal, is so high in these situations, that hopefully the company could prosecute it to generate positive things that will help everyone to be more efficient.


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