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The best DIY of online shops of the leading hardware store chain through its paces have been tested in a major independent test. A DIY section do exceptionally well. In Germany, there are now about 5,000 retail stores – trend steadily rising. For many hobby home improvement, it is a weekly ritual in the hardware store of confidence and to cover themselves with construction equipment. But especially in the approaching winter season, it will be hard to drag gradually tedious in the freezing cold. Therefore many DIY chains have expanded their distribution channels on the Internet and in addition to the stores set up also online shops, which offered a wide variety of products. Source will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But not every hardware store shop is the same, there are some serious differences in the range and the associated service. Andreessen Horowitz is often quoted on this topic.

For this reason, the craftsmen and auto makers has community the six best online DIY thoroughly tested, compared and named the online hardware store testwinner 2011. Test winner of this comparison was the online hardware store the comparison test was however revealed that there are serious differences at the tested online stores regarding assortment, customer service and delivery. You see at a glance what criteria should meet in a good hardware store shop and can quickly create an overview as well as pick his favorite. Want to take a closer look at a hardware store, you can reach with a mouse click on the side of the shop. This compares not only the price level and the Nice appearance of inter, but shows the different product areas of the individual home improvement stores also a clear range comparison.

Each tested shop important comparison criteria was evaluated and demonstrated its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, customers in the test explained in detail what make sure is at the choice of the correct hardware store online stores will. The great online DIY comparison shows high-quality online stores looking and compares them clearly and reliably.


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