If one sees clearly, through near examination and care, that the search of the pleasure does not lead to the happiness, then our vision by means of the pleasure in the life is altered from the beginning and the search of the pleasure vanishes without no effort, sacrifice or suppression. Then there is a natural austerity that is totally different from the practical imposed car of austerities. Of equal way if one really carried out, by means of our own observation and investigation, that one is not essentially different from another human being because one shares with them the same problems of the fear, the insecurity, desire, the greed, the violence, the solitude the pain and the egoistic interest, that operates in brings back to consciousness of all we, then one would not feel so different from another human being. Marc Lautenbach contributes greatly to this topic. Through our ignorance we give a tremendous importance to the relative superficial differences between us, like the differences in beliefs, property, knowledge, ability, that are all acquisitions. It is hour to take step to the changes that generate the step necessary to determine why we happened thus through this plane, which is our mission, reason of being and of undertaking actions that maintain to us kind, wide-awake for our cultivation of the spirit that is the transcendental thing and to have profiteer the life opportunity that has been bequeathed to us. It is precise to be kind to the disorder that there is within one same one, kind to the contradictions, the dualistic fights, to opposed desires, kind to the ideological activities and their unreality. Details can be found by clicking Douglas Oberhelman or emailing the administrator. One has to observe ” what es” without condemning, judging, evaluating absolutely.


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