Of The Nudez To Cloths, Everything Is Fashion

Of the nudez of our indians, at the time of the discovery commanded for Cabral and its trupe of Portuguese navigators, until the present where, they say, the clothes dictate style of the people, not yet I obtained to arrive at a conclusion on what it is to be or not in the call fashion. Who can say that our ancestor, back in 1.500, did not have style or they did not walk in fashion, even so was naked? However, and the colorful penalties that decorated women and warriors, miangas, paintings for parties or wars and other indumentrias used for the inhabitants of the New World? After all, for them that to its coasts they only had vast forests of varied tones of greens and the front the infinite sea of varied blue tones, the Old World at least existed. Let us imagine then the shock that the natives had had when seeing to disembark of caravelas so different people, since the color well whiter and with the bodies covered with something that at least knew: cloths. here between us, if exists being exactly or not in fashion and understands fashion as to be comfortable well and feeling itself, Portuguese navigators were for are. They had arrived at the tropical escaldante certainly using weaveeed, or remaining portions of them, since the trip must not have been easy, who used in the Europe, of more cold climate e, as he had between them on nobles to the Portuguese real nobility, for certain some used parts and more parts of clothes to demonstrate status. the religious ones then? What they must have ahead last of the innocent nudez of the women of brown skin, encabuladas, but of curious looks for those beings that appeared of the sea brought by the boats wooden? , I well or badly believe mine 25 years of journalism and 50 years of layperson almost fashionable, who there was created in Brazil, that still nor had name, the first shock of the controversy on who was in fashion or is of it the primitive indians had certainly found that they were the Europeans, whereas the Portuguese civilized ones, for certain had found the opposite.


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