The social status is determinative and the knowledge on it also. It is not of if finding odd that Brazil possesss a so fertile field for these ideas ' ' transcendentalistas' '. That is, it does not import how many processes in judged it has its leader spiritual. The important one is that It is it its canal of favour. Some authors affirm that in the process of domination and collective control, the disqualification of the individual constitutes pioneering process. Hector H. More has similar goals. Bruit (1995), important Chilean historian standes out that the Church had an essential paper in the success of the settling Iberian-Spaniard. more, ahead of the sacred one little if could question.

After all, exactly the ones that also do not believe fear the stranger. The free interpretation of had books as sacred opens space for so great aberrations. It is enough to say that we are living ' ' It was of Estrelas&#039 Priests; ' that they walk surrounded of armed security in armored cars of luxury. Learn more about this with Singer. Without speaking in the conglomerates of media whose representative church catches resources and them it reinvests without responsibility some. ' ' Everything to the costs of the meat and the bones of its ovelhas' ' She is necessary to say that we are reinventando ' ' neo-simonia' ' , where prescriptions of ready success and salvation for the consumption are commercialized. paid for one highest price, by the way. Not in the act, harms in its purpose.

It does not fit here to argue the character the holy ghost of the thing. yes ' ' coisificao of f' ' in an alarming scale. The debate on faith and workmanship lost space of the nonsense ahead. Individual actions of solidarity and fraternity are being suffocated for ' ' enclausuramento' ' spontaneous of the individuals. They are current slogans of the type: It pays its tenth here, therefore we are more honest than that one another one. Harms after all, if exist As much who are most ethical? What it is worse. They are taking off even though the possibility of a healthful leisure on the part of the majority of the workers who perform with care 05 days, in the expectation of a calm end of week with the family. Harms are taken to camp in bubbles of happiness and salvation, the excessive prices. The consequence of everything this is sick people of the mind, the body and the soul. Without speaking in the religious radicalism or atesmo exacerbado. Valley to remember that, many of these processes if give of very subtle way, over all, on the part in that more they are accustomed to hear of what reasoning. Ahead of a scene so nonsense, reforms and ruptures are inevitable and essential. The proper Holy script of the Occidental people alert its fidiciary offices for the truth (Joo, 8,32). for common-sense of not only praying, as well as watching, and very, so that let us not be victims of these criminals.


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