No Sex Before Marriage

Great joy in the home Palin the 17-year-old daughter is pregnant from the Republican presidential MC CAIN as Vice President nominated is already the good Sarah Palin grandmother. Normally a cause for joy, particularly in the conservative Christian milieu of the Republican Party of the United States, if there would be not a little stain. The daughter and expectant mother Palin Bristol is young only 17 years and the future grandmother of Sarah Palin is regarded as extent. She is a strict opponent of the right to abortion and opposed any form of sexual education in schools. And now that your daughter is pregnant and this also still unmarried. In the eyes of a clear sign that the parents with their education have failed and hardly a qualification for high office powerful Christian right actually. But the Conservatives are well known master in the problems under the carpet. And so the spokesman trying to circulate the disaster on the contrary.

You spread that the family about the good news am and the daughter’s of course going to marry the father of the child. So everything in the best order. Bristol Palin is just the media tip of each year several thousand unwanted teenage pregnancies in the United States, it is not spoken. \”Also not the most expectant mothers not in a such good sheltered environment\” expire, such as in the family of Vice President candidate. Most of the teenagers happens pregnancies in the context of the white and black subclass. Most of the young mothers and the fathers have no training, no money with a baby in her arms, and no future. Only the already large American underclass that has long dreamed the dream of rags to riches, increase. Quite apart from the very few fathers at the girls filled by them remain and would rather leave. A reason for the many teenage pregnancies is the poor education in the schools.

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