No. 9, Sodium Phosphoricum Schussler Salt

Schussler Salz No. 9 the homeopathic working medium is sodium Phos biochemistry based after the physician Dr. Wilhelm Schussler. In addition to the 12 function means the 15 supplements can complement, as the name suggests, the application. (Not to be confused with Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala!). Because the efficacy of Schussler salts is not scientifically proven, always the advice of a physician should be consulted when complaints. But no side effects in the application of Schussler salts are known, so that to assume that a complementary treatment to conventional medicine with Safari salts, no damage occurs. Sodium Phosphoricum the chemical name is sodium phosphate, is the salt of the metabolism and can help Detox the body.

The typical power of Schussler salt No.9 is D6. The D”means that the dilution of the starting material at each step to a ten compartment and the number after the D indicates how often the basic substance has been diluted. When the potency of D6 was six times diluted ten-fold. Comes in the body Sodium Phosphoricum in the brain, nerves, muscles and connective tissue before. The number nine salts of Schussler is found in small quantities in detergents and fertilizers. Application of sodium Phosphoricum is too much acid in the body and it therefore comes to complaints, Schussler Salz No. 9 for use.

Because the salt can help convert uric acid for urea and this can then be more easily removed sodium Phosphoricum is the choice for gout and bladder stones, but also with elevated cholesterol levels and obesity. You can try sodium Phosphoricum skin problems and diseases. It is supposed to blemishes, and even eczema as pimples and acne, caused by an oily skin can help, when it occurs in conjunction with too much uric acid in the body. Health information, as well as the Advisor see.

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