New System For Personal Success Management Goes Live

For the experimental project “within 60 months millionaire are” opened the application period. The new company project “THROLONOM” 01.11.2008 starts Mr Thomas Witte from initiator. With a novelty on the market of the consultants, trainers and coaches, “throlonomische” success managing Thomas Witte wants to meet five people in a special project the dream of one million euros. “Within by 60 months millionaire” means the experimental management – project. It is to illustrate the human potential in the field of personal development and control and investigate further. On the homepage has been published the search after the five participants of this project on October 30, 2008.

Can apply anyone who wants to be a millionaire. No personal or financial requirements as a barrier to the application provided. When selecting between applicants from all over Germany is audited by the initiator, however, whether the candidates personal or professional potential to the Millionaire according to his investigations have. Special forms in the personal and professional qualities will be decisive for the admission as a participant of the project. As social side-effect of the initiator wishes that amounts that exceed the stated sum of one million euros per participant, will be donated to non-profit organizations.

Partners from academic, media and business sector should support the project during the 60 month term. The “throlonomische” success management combines many scientifically-based work and analysis techniques that are known to the world in a new way. Particularly to “throlonomischen” success management considered the relations between people, the environment and the economy, as well as the resulting interactions and positive control. As a target, each of personal success and personal satisfaction of the business partner will be achieved. For this reason also no distinction is made at the “throlonomischen” success management whether it is carried by private individuals or enterprises. Ultimately, it concerns always the development or positive change of one or more people personally.


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