Network Marketing

Just talking today with a good friend Networker, Denis Antunez, talked on how to motivate more certain people who stay stops at businesses that have been, and however know that they have potential. When looking for reasons leave many, but talking I remembered something I read in a book, if I am not mistaken in your first year in Network Marketing who now I do not remember the author. In a chapter of this highly recommended reading book talked precisely on that thin line between aid that must provide to affiliates, associated or as we like to call it that come into a business with us, and possible dependence that can reach to create (sometimes unwittingly) but that is destructive to the partner. Speaking on Christian, when someone enters a business with us in Network Marketing or multilevel, rule your success is our success, so we are going to teach that person everything that we know about business and helping it win all the money possible. In this learning process where, without giving us barely counts, appears that thin line that we need to know to respect if we want to have in our team leaders, and not just followers. Depends on the person who is reliant on the moment in which it appears that line (for example if us enters an experienced Networker this line probably will never appear) but by norm has just appeared, and the bad thing is that one usually realize when the line has already been crossed. Suddenly you realize one day that this affiliate that works well and that both respect, questions about the business you should know about, makes you tells you to you to help with certain prospects, does not know how to organize their line, etc, etc there have a dependency case, instead of creating a leader have created a follower.


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