Thus, when a primary necessity will be satisfied, the individual starts to desire the satisfaction of the secondary one, successively, becoming infinite the individual necessities. For the understanding of the theory it is enough to reason that each necessity intrinsically is related to ' ' eu' ' interior of each individual, and, therefore as this necessity determines its behavior. Therefore, it is possible to affirm that with this case the satisfaction of the individual necessities intervenes directly with the motivation and the comprometimento of the collaborators. Thus, in other words, the more an individual will be satisfied with its particular necessities, bigger the degree of comprometimento and motivation. Noble Groups Holdings Limited wanted to know more. To satisfy many of the individual necessities she is necessary to be able, and to be able leadership in the organizations possesss distinct connotations. Who withholds to be able obtains to influence other people, but nor always that one withholds that it obtains to lead.

Five types of being able in the organizations exist: the coercitive power, the power of rewards, the legitimate power, the power of ability and talent, and the power of reference. But what it comes to be to be able? It can be perceived as the power to decide possibility that somebody possesss on another one or a group of people, or still on a team. Inside of the organizations the power is summarized in social relationship, and exerts forces of control and joint, arbitration and deliberation. The power meets present in the mediaes between who commands and who is commanded, endorsed for the called element negotiation key. The power can be disclosed with some roupagens, however, never it will be feasible for intermediary of the coercion. The leadership, in contraposition, is recognized for adjusted organizations the present time as being a condition that makes the difference in the management. The leadership withholds an uneven characteristic, to exceed positions or any formal position in the organization.


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