It is the most intense, and, often most fleeting feeling. He will be that one to which we called " amor" it is not in fact what we thought? All we, independientementede our origins, have undergone the feeling of deep enamoramiento, at least once in the life. The love is blind. When we are enamored, we did not find errors in the loved person, we justified everything what does, and only see best of him or she. Nevertheless, the majority of us we know that " bubble of amor" inevitably one bursts, and seeing in retrospective we asked ourselves: " It was the love that felt only one illusion? Or Why I cannot feel now as well as before, when it was enamored? " The love – What is in fact? The wisdom of the Cabal presents/displays an innovating explanation to the dilemma of the love.

It explains that the reason for which we felt well, indeed when we experienced " that called thing amor" , it is that what we felt agrees somehow with the innate quality of the Nature. To feel love, is one indication of which we have made contact with the enemy with this positive quality that revigoriza and unites all the parts of the reality. The Cabal the flame " amor" or " otorgamiento" , and it explains that it is the unifying factor between all the elements that conform the reality: minerals, plants, and animal, as well as of all the experiences in the inner world of the human being. Nevertheless, the other parts of the nature – inanimate, vegetal and animated share this quality of universal love, of natural way; whereas the human being is the unique creature who does not implement this quality automatically. We are the exception; we were created to act freely: To love or to hate, giving or receiving, and so on.


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