Multiple Births

According to the demographic report in Spain, prepared by my baby and me, the total number of births in Spain has gone from 672.075 in 1960 to 518.967 in 2008. However, despite the gradual decline in the number of births in our country over these 50 years, what has been increasing is the number of multiple births (doubles, triples, quadruples and more). The double, which in 1960 was 6.491, became 9.254 in 2007; the triple went from 54 to 231; the quadruple or more have always been less common and have not had a defined path. Causes among the possible causes of the increase in multiple births is the proliferation of treatments of stimulation of ovulation and pregnancy by means of assisted fertilization techniques. You can also, due to the increase of the age in which women has her first child, as it has been shown, when the woman becomes pregnant for the first time after 30 years, having greater chance of multiple pregnancies. Original author and article source. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has plenty of information regarding this issue.


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