Mobile Commerce Optimum – Manage Sales Representatives

This article will be of interest mainly business executives, whose business goes beyond the office and the main work is carried out directly outside it. I'm talking about companies that are engaged in mobile commerce. Like Would you automate most of the work of your employees, more accurately track all business processes in your organization more transparent to see all the activities of sales representatives, to reduce the time basic computational operations performed by agents, etc. Then you need to urgently think about purchasing a system OPTIMUM (Automated Management System sales representatives). In Russia, prevailing until negative motivation for the introduction of control systems of mobile commerce, ie, company leaders decide to launch such a project "not a good life." They lose the ability to control their work sales representatives (especially in their constant growth) do not have reliable information about the life cycle of customer relationships, have no comprehensive analysis of reasons for losing customers. This occurs primarily because executives do not even know of the existence of tools that can solve such problems.

OPTIMUM – it's automated control system of mobile commerce with the elements of CRM, designed to automation and control these types of trading activities as the collection of orders (PreSelling), trade in 'on wheels (Van Selling), and merchandising, as well as service delivery and service. OPTIMUM – is a complex, allowing to solve automation problems sales representatives and agents with PDAs (Pocket PCs). The main advantages – it improve sales, increase control, significantly increase the rate the employee alone and only department as a whole. The control system of mobile commerce provides operational information from any point in a very short time. The control system of mobile commerce – is primarily a new level Your company the opportunity to be at the forefront of successful companies, the ability to go far in the lead over competitors, attacking you on your heels. Think about it today, and success will come to you tomorrow – the company is officially Sinercom CDC partner for automation of mobile commerce in St. Pterburge.

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