Middle East

These include springs of balance, base plates and escapes. These are manufactured using more than 100 machines that are highly complex and designed to make the production a very modern process. These machines are operated by more than one hundred and eighty professionals in the manufacture of tools and machinery specialists. It has 1.4 million of mechanisms that are manufactured in its facilities at standing level. Quality and prolific nature of the company has attracted much attention. In 2007, the company sold its production facilities to the Richemont group.

Manufactured mechanisms are still being provided by Roger Dubuis and still charging the same seal of Geneva (used as a proof of the origin and quality of production) they had when production facilities were owned by Roger Dubuis. Although the mechanisms are provided to them, the company Roger Dubuis continues to act as an independent manufacturer of their own clocks. With the exception of markets such as the Middle East and the United States, Roger Dubuis follow distributing their own pieces. In the case of the Middle East and the US, the distribution is handled by the Richemont group. A mechanism produced by this company includes a mechanism of flying tourbillon was created for watches made by Cartier. He has also produced a series of three mechanisms of esqueletizados tourbillones and they have introduced them to the SIHH in Geneva. The first two in this series are Knight clocks and are much darker in color the third offering, which is for ladies.

Three watches have a veneer of rhodium everywhere, it is simple, the way in which the rhodium has been treated leads to color differences. Ladies watch also has two rubies that have been placed in frills formed in the shape of a heart. Three watches are designed to have a sporty and bold appearance that is evident in the bold red accents on the dial and also red accents on the rubber strap. Like all other watches Roger Dubuis produced, these are visually impressive, extremely accurate and intended to return parts of collection. For more information about wristwatches Roger Dubuis visit: Replica Patek Philippe New Arrival Watch Details Roger Dubuis Excalibur Automatic Tourbillon Watch Patek Philippe Watches in replicawatches8 Online Store Free Ezine Articles Simple Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph Automatic Roger Dubuis watches Swiss manipulate clocks to delay as the encounter with the Red This country is crazy by the Red.


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