When we talk about tourism in the Argentina, Mendoza is a reference. The province is visited by thousands of tourists a year, and especially its capital. It happens that tourism in Mendoza is a way of life. By the same author: Douglas R. Oberhelman. That makes hotels in Mendoza are constantly striving to improve services in pursuit of offering all essential travelers. For some clueless, we will begin by saying that Mendoza this located located to the West of Argentina and who has the majestic cordillera de Los Andes as a background. With a temperate climate, without excessive wind, the province offers a lot of attractions that can pass from the snow and mountains up to the thermal waters. olarship-application/’>rothberg family. Joan Baez: the source for more info. At the urban level the city of Mendoza has everything. From modern shopping centers in which we will make purchases at all levels, to historical sites that protect the heritage of the past.

One of the places that we can recommend is the cemetery of Mendoza. Tourists often access guided tours of a place where lie the remains of the founders of Mendoza. Is clear that if we wish to have a more global view City we have to certainly access the terrace garden gazebo Arq. Gerardo Americo Andia which runs from 9 to 14: 30 Monday to Friday and whose entrance is free. From there we will have an excellent panoramic view of the city of Mendoza.

Visit the zoo that has more than 100 years of operation is recommended for travelers who like animals and mainly the Municipal aquifer where it is a good diversity of marine species. Regarding nightlife we recommend especially to sit in one of the bars surrounding the pedestrian streets of the city centre. It is obligatory for a tourist in Mendoza to try the famous wines from Mendoza and in the case of the Knights is recommended to pay particular attention to the beauty of the women of the area. But let’s go a little bit of the city and move to the mountains. The circuit of high mountain, is 420 kilometers of mountain range where a forced site for all those who like the indigenous culture emphasizes Uspallata in Mendoza. In addition to the athletes we recommend one of the ski centers of Mendoza, located at 172 km from the capital, which runs from June to August and in other months it becomes an ideal place for the practice of tourism adventure. And finally, something that is obligatory for all tourists passing through Mendoza is visiting the Termas de Cacheuta a paradisiacal place to stand in the hot thermal waters with the mountains as a backdrop. For all these and many other reasons it is that tourism is the main activity of the region in Mendoza. Many places, varied offer and the warmth of a people accustomed to treating the visitor as one neighbor.


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