Marketing is not suitable as accessory Seekirch 3. 8, 2016 – Business Professor Thorsten Henning Thurau feared that in his article for Harvard Business Manager’ – issue 6 – 25 7 2016 you can him only concur. Be as a wake-up call ‘ sober lists apostrophierter article, that is apparently the officers of many – maybe even the most! -Companies of thoughts have adopted that marketing for it maybe could be important. It is often called much ado about nothing ‘ considered may, the topic is not really clear. Professor Thurau leads back essentially on the management structure, and hence management culture, the company, which is characterized by technicians, lawyers, etc., where the emphasis of this orientation corresponds to – the but ultimately decisive factor of the customer ‘, device due to lack of its own experience, so from the Center. Of course: How to do because even right? It is important to have a good Web page, a Army of sales people, use a variety of connections through social networks, or rather just on product diversity, produce error-free as possible products, the customers provide a quick service, or what? Professor Thurau delivers the most important answer: “customer orientation is the linchpin for successful economies, and customer satisfaction is the essential basis for financial success.” Professors Kotler printer, and others, to which he refers, preach it a very long, it is actually (almost) concern that many business leaders don’t realize this.

And it would be so easy – even the German car industry has been behind it – but is not really clear whether that was a result of marketing or just a reaction to the pressure of the Government and competition, what-if too late – have responded. Because the Japanese supply hybrid vehicles, which deal more carefully with the resources, without, for example, for many years slow or old-fashioned ‘ to be,. While in this country, emphasis was placed on luxury and convenience, rather than profitability and price consciousness. Many customers have therefore migrated in foreign brands. Anyway, whose auto industry is now less susceptible to other industries can such results, and at the same time, customer orientation and customer satisfaction ‘ but faster (?) reach in time, when they analyze, for example, your markets, market segments and customers – for example where a customer, which has objectives developed he or what needs its customers? where and how does he prefer to buy, he has preferred shopping and information pathways, which have advantages we compare with the competition, what makes the competition where and how – and we can be better? m., and many others – from the information phase (our), sales contacts, to the customer information and services markets are open ‘ – for the man who examines intensively because: marketing is not an accessory ‘, but the driving force for a successful company.

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