The word ' ' meio' ' it means what it is between two things. logotipo, in turn, is the joint symbol or of graphical symbols that represent one definitive mark. Thus, logotipo is ' ' meio' ' , that is, what he is between the mark and the consumers. Well It arrives of philosophy! We go to try to be more right-handers. Logotipo is the interface of a mark. It imagines, for example, Apple without its delicious apple; The McDonald? s without its ' ' M' ' curvilinear; Or the Estado periodical without its pony. They would not be the same marks, would be? This happens because logotipo creates the physical linking (when it has texture, tato, olfato, in logotipo, such as those propagandas perfumed that comes back and stocking is propagated in magazines), it creates the logical linking (in the plan them ideas), and creates the affective linking, between the mark and the consumer.

It is therefore that the stage of creation of logotipo inside of the planning of marketing is so important. meets one of the biggest quandaries of the one lack here logotipo adjusted, therefore a mark without logotipo is as a citizen without face, that is, without communication with the others. But worse it happens when, in the knowledge lack technician on the subject, it is started to bolar one ' ' rosto' ' that, of form some, obtains to enter in tune with the aspirations of the mark, or the product which the mark it is a mere name. Logotipo is a way for the setting of the mark in the mind and the hearts consuming them. Of this form, it must contain all the necessary elements so that this really happens. Here, it fits to remember, that the marketing agencies possess all the possible practical experience for the creation of logotipo certain for the certain mark.


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