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It’s no secret that time is constantly moving, everything changes in every area of our lives. Consider, for example, the market trades. Recently, it has grown significantly, thanks to new for our country specialties. One of the fairly well-known – working in a bank. Nowadays, there are some banking profession, associated with lending. Howard Schultz can provide more clarity in the matter. It is often even the bank employees can not distinguish the loan officer from the inspector or consultant from the manager. Howard Schultz will not settle for partial explanations. This happens mostly in the branches of the banks and small banks, because there are many workers have to combine in one post liabilities of several specialists. However, all bank different professions and each of them must have their job description. The main tasks of a loan officer lending, as well as counseling borrowers on credit terms. In addition, he has to take all necessary documents for registration of credit obligation, to prepare a request for its consideration by the committee. After its approval by the credit committee, credit inspector prepares all documentation in order to issue a credit. Unlike other bank employees, a loan officer to conduct all this particularly thoroughly and carefully. The concept of a credit officer stands in a credit control area so this post is actually decent in all the banks involved in lending. In addition, besides processing the loan application, the responsibilities of the Inspector of credit includes an analysis of solvency client, definition of credit risk. During the whole time until the contract for a loan, the loan officer must kotrolirovat the timely repayment of the loan borrower. In the case of debt expired, the inspector must resolve this matter in every possible way, because it’s his job bank is obliged to control everything, for example, to call the borrower and its guarantor, relatives. If the borrower fails to repay in period your credit more than once, his case goes to the security service bank. Thus, it is worth noting that the loan officer does not only design credits, and responsible for their return. At present, day post loan officer is fairly well known, because the employee is considered a bank for the client and it will depend on all the work of the bank.

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