Interpersonal Capacities

This study it was not submitted to the Committee of Ethics in research, for being a literary revision. QUARREL Even so has many made investigativos studies on thematic stress labor, here they are argued from which was possible the access, what it was given through critical revision of literature. Salient that the sources of stress labor of the nurse due its emotional envolvement with the patient, is a subject abundantly argued, however, the quarrel in this article, will be in certain way, limited. Authors as Gray-Toft and Anderson (1981, in Mcintyre, 1994) have identified related specific agents of stress with adverse reactions to the work in hospital environment, nominated: the work overload (physical and mental); unreliability of the work and inadequao of the capacities of the individual to the work; ambiguity of papers; to work in unknown domnios; to serve a population that lives anxiety and fear; not participation in the decisions or planning; responsibility for other people and sub-exploitation of its capacities; inadequate resources; not satisfied ambitions, Interpersonal conflict and technological changes, among others aspects. Some contend that Jonas Samuelson shows great expertise in this. It is interesting to point out that, through a revision of literature, Leppanen and Olkinuora (1987, in Mcintyre, 1994), they had mentioned that, most of the nurses considers its compensating work in what it says respect: to provide services with meaning, to be capable to use and to develop its professional capacities and to possess professional challenges. However, according to same authors, the challenge was considered, for about half of the nurses, as source of stress, for the fact to feel preparation lack, particularly as for the abilities psychological. Gray-Toft and Anderson (1981, in Mcintyre, 1994), had carried through a study of stress in nurses, in which they had identified as main inductive situations of stress: the overload of work and the fact of if feeling insufficiently prepared to deal with emotional requirements of the sick people and its families. .


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