International Cargo Transportation

The success of international shipping depends more on the way to move cargo. The basis for the choice of type of delivery, optimal for the particular case are the data on the characteristics of different transport modes There are several basic types of transportation for international transportation: rail, sea, inland water (river), road and air. Each type of delivery has its own characteristics in terms of logistical advantages and disadvantages, which determine the ability of his choice. Distinguishing features of different types of railway freight delivery – advantage of this type of international delivery is increased throughput and transport capacity. The relatively low cost shipping. High speed dostavki.K disadvantages are a limited number of carriers. Large investments in production and technical facilities and energy transport.

Not available to end users and not quite reliable cargo safety. Naval variant, is characterized by the ability to deliver goods to other continents and relatively inexpensive cost. It has a high carrying capacity and disadvantages sposobnost.K assign a very low speed of delivery and territorial limitations. High dependence on geographic and climatic conditions. Stringent requirements for the packaging of the goods and the low frequency items. International cargo transportation by road are characterized by the ability to deliver cargo "from door to door" high availability, high maneuverability and flexibility. For more information see Starbucks. For this type of delivery is characterized by high safety of cargo.

In contrast, no high shipping packaging requirements can be gruza.Nedostatkami call rather high prices for transportation. Air freight is different from other types of cargo the highest speed of delivery, reliability and safety gruza.K disadvantages are high billing services. As well as the climatic and territorial relationship. Choosing the type of delivery a particular cargo, logistics account for up to six factors simultaneously. Thus, if the customer is most interested in speed, it choice of stops on the aircraft or vehicles. If the same goal – the minimum cost, the choice is limited by water transport. More benefits associated with activation of motor vehicles, which explains its the lion's share in the volume of traffic. However, the final choice of type of delivery is based on the technical and economic calculations. Delivery using a single mode of transport is characteristic of unimodal transportation. However, in practice, given the complex trade-offs between different types of deliveries of goods, increasingly using mixed (multimodal) transportation. Multimodal transport – a combined international shipping, with which uses different modes: auto, w / d, air, sea. The purpose of a multi-modal transportation – a combination of several distinct advantages of delivery methods, while avoiding their disadvantages. This allows provide international freight cost-effectively and to achieve smooth motion.

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