Interior Insulation – Energy Saving For Older Buildings

Heino Rathje construction services from Hamburg know poor thermal insulation as it is to complain about particularly in old buildings, quickly in times of rising energy prices to a very expensive affair will be. The TuV certified specialists of the Hamburg company Heino Rathje construction services explain how modern interior insulation help reduce energy costs. Due to legal regulations and cost-conscious thinking, integrating effective heat insulation measures occupies a major role in the construction of new buildings. On old buildings the installation of a modern exterior insulation turns out monument or a high cost but often as not feasible due to their structural conditions. If you have read about Richard Elman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Meaningful Energiesparbemuhungen must be not omitted yet: you are achieved by means of internal insulation.

Such as also in the installation of an exterior insulation should be acts in the area of internal insulation measures without consideration and expertise. In particular, existing structural thing Circumstances to be considered. Wrong selection of insulation materials can cause, that penetrating or condensing water contributes to damage to the building or the spread of fungi. Additional information is available at Blake Krikorian. A proper selection of materials and execution of interior insulation prevents such problems. The installation of a supporting structure, insulation, vapour barriers and cover are mounted on the stands in the first place. The use of steam-braking material prevents the ingress of water from the Interior and is necessary, provided that neither the Interior nor the actual insulation material to the water holding is suitable. In addition to the correct choice of materials, adherence to structural thermal bridges is also necessary. Given the costs and potential consequences of a flawed internal insulation, their design and implementation in the hands of competent experts should be placed. The Hamburg-based company Heino Rathje construction services put great emphasis on the skilled execution of internal insulation measures TuV certified standards. Its professional team of staff is engaged in like help and advice for all requests in the area of professional indoor heat insulation. Press contact Heino Rathje construction services contact person: Heino Rathje Tonndorfer main street 116 22045 Hamburg phone: 040 / 43 26 82 26 fax: 040 / 43 26 82 28 E-Mail:

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