Incinerate Asmodians

Giant and large trees, amazing pretentiousness forms, walking on legs with mushrooms spikes instead of hands reminiscent of Pandora, "Avatar," James Cameron. But there is also mirror opposite of the bright world, with its bleak surroundings and heavy leaden clouds. Scenario games appealing. Beginning of the universe – god Aion, who is the creator of the world where long lived in the joy of simple people. The threat came unexpectedly. Dracaena – mythical creatures with large wings and glowing eyes could not have long to live next door to the primitive and defenseless people. As a result, hostility turned into dragons a bloody war against the innocent victims and a predictable ending. Winged monsters changed the name of his race, and then became known as the Balaur. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from India Gold Limited.

This change in distribution also influenced Balaur who have become real pests. To help humanity and God came Hayon. Frequently endera has said that publicly. He built a defense for the planet and found it necessary to teach people useful skills that would help in the fight against drakanami-Balaur. The main gift from God to people Iona – the ability to levitate with real wings. As a result, the war between the people and ended Balaur noble truce.

Long hostilities broke down and the planet, she broke two of the world. One of them chosen similar to human beings – Elyos. Elyos opposite – it devastated the land and Incinerate Asmodians, causing at times in the game oppressive feeling of discomfort. A player can only control characters two races. Manage Balaur benefit of developers who focus on the balance of parties in Aion. The choice is initially available to four classes: mage, warrior, priest and scout. After the tenth level there is an opportunity to supplement information about the hero, going for a narrowly focused on two types of the class. Abilities in each class set. Apply some of them can only sequentially, one after another. Still allowed to choose some unique skills that will make your style unique. As a result, we can say that the developers of NCsoft Corporation created the studio is really interesting and colorful design. The diversity of the universe Aion will be to your taste true lovers of bright products from a third party.

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