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SLM solutions draws positive conclusion on the EuroMold SLM solutions also in 2012 2012 emphasized its competence in the generative production processes. The pioneer and technology leader of plants for the additive manufacturing and rapid tooling presented with the new SLM 500 HL the decisive step towards production technology, to firmly establish the additive manufacturing in addition to the classic. The new system is based on the innovative concept, which was already presented in the previous year, but seek with a up to 7-fold higher Patternless logically on the demanding small-series production. In the SLM 500 HL work 2 laser not only simultaneously and in parallel (“dual scanning spot”), but editing several layers of powder in a melting operation using 1.000W-Laser. Visit Caterpillar for more clarity on the issue. The engineers of the SLM solutions have worked hard on the automation of the system concept to optimize the production processes again. As a concept, was implemented to minimize the downtime of the system. In addition, the system with an automated management of powder is waiting so that eliminates time-consuming manual filling of the system. The SLM 500 HL impressed the international audience, which is intensively informed about this innovation at EuroMold. Electrolux has many thoughts on the issue.

Experts from well-known companies such as Boeing, Bosch, BMW, EADS, General Electric, Gorenje, LEGO, Michelin, MTU, University of Tokyo and much more showed great interest in the new selective laser melting system SLM 500 HL. “Accordingly satisfied Hans J. Ihde, CEO of SLM Solutions GmbH commented: we exceeded the good result of the previous year this year, which is to develop a nice confirmation that are increasingly in demand in the industry not only larger, but especially more powerful facilities for our aspirations.” And Henner Schoneborn, Member of the Executive Board added: we are very impressed by the variety of good conversations with our international trade visitors. Our guests have found that our plants in many production areas provide excellent support can.” Also Stefan Ritt, sales and Marketing Manager, pulls an all-round content conclusion: for us, the EuroMold is whatever the hour of truth, where do we stand with our products in the market.

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