History Of Business Cards

The first business cards, if they can be called, appeared in China. To modern business cards were found only for the intended use. They date from about vii century bc. Looked old business cards Chinese in the form of wooden planks, which are deposited by letter or in the form of silk fabrics with embroidered text. These business cards were very expensive, and are available only aristocrats and senior class. In the court of Louis xiv, made business cards on heavy paper, and painted by famous artists in France. In fashion design was an individual business cards, and two identical cards just do not existed.

In Russia, business cards first appeared in the xix century. Their value also reached great heights. Therefore, it is clear that common people visiting cards were not available. To keep up with fashion trends, the people of lower classes have introduced business sheets – a cheaper equivalent of a business card. Business cards are used when meeting, application of visits, presentation of gifts and presentations, as well as many other activities.

Likewise, use them now. When doing business calling cards were introduced into circulation residents of the United States of America. Even after these calling cards have become widely used in awarding contracts for business meetings and appointments, and even at parties. Now calling cards are available to everyone, not just employees of organizations, but also ordinary citizens.


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