General Concepts

E-Business or e-commerce is a term used to describe companies operate through the Internet, or through the use of Internet technologies to improve productivity or profitability of a business. In a more general sense, the term can be used to describe any form of e-commerce is to say, any company that uses a computer to conduct their business in social networks and other Internet space. This usage is somewhat archaic, however, and in most contexts e-business refers exclusively to Internet companies. The most common application of e-Business is as a kind of dealer, or in some cases primary, as if it were a shop. With the sale of products and services online, e-Business is able to reach a much broader consumer base that any other traditional store could expect to get. E-Business can also use the Internet to purchase products at the wholesale or supplies for domestic production. This facet of the trade electronic is sometimes referred to as e-procurement, and can offer companies the opportunity to reduce your costs dramatically.

Even Internet business often works without a shop Electronics now uses electronic procurement as a way to track and better manage their purchases. In addition to the purchase and sale of products, e-commerce can also handle other aspects of traditional business. The use of the chat as a form of technical support and customer service is an excellent example of this. E-Business that uses chat to complement its traditional telephone support is a system that saves an incredible amount of time while providing opportunities available through traditional support. Through the use of virtual computer systems, for example, technical support remote operators can have access to the client’s account and which will support the correction of a problem. With the download of a small program, all relevant information about of specifications of hardware and software for a particular user’s computer can be transmitted to support operator directly. The use of e-mail and the private websites as method for the distribution of internal notes and information is another use that can be given to e-business, also found the option of e-mail marketing that gives opening to the marketing of a brand and a business in particular. Instead of producing intensive physical copies in time and cost for each employee, a central server or email list can serve as an effective method in the dissemination of information.

In recent years, virtually all businesses have become, to some extent or another, in a square of e-commerce. The omnipresence of the Internet, available solutions, technology and benefits have repeatedly demonstrated that electronic technology have made e-business a path to follow. This trend continues with new technologies, ahoa Internet is enabled mobile phones and PDAs, and the likely trend of saturation of electronic commerce is to continue for some time.


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