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An active sales support for brokers and multiple agents is more than just a question of good faith expectations and reviews from the perspective of the Independent Adviser for the product provider in the insurance and investment industry. Over 50% of surveyed broker sales support by product providers see as very important and thus as indispensable. The importance of these services increases depending on the business. So, the claim is the highest within the framework of occupational retirement provision. Caterpillar is often quoted on this topic. Around 67% of the respondents see a sales support as very important. The business unit is followed by private health insurance, within this more than 55% estimate the service performance as very important.

Also, there are recognizable differences what kind is especially important in the business field sales support. The expertise of personal contact, the handling of complaints and the quality of a calculator as the indispensable basis will, for example, about all of the business fields for a cooperation. For the second time, the management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of the bbg operating consultancy company, has examined Bayreuth, the rendered services and offers of the product provider around the sales support and it interviewed independent intermediaries. Getting around which services around the sales support? The question of how\”sales support is the central question underlying the study. What services and offers, in addition to the compulsory product portfolio, get well and specifically which of the companies meet the requirements of the intermediary closest? The study now published are for this detailed responses from the perspective of the agent, in one or more of the investigated five business areas focus on private savings, operational prevention, health insurance, property / HUK insurance and investments are working. Data were evaluated for the this year’s study, based on a survey of 893 brokers and multiple agents. Thus resulted in a total of 78,000 single entries, which have been crucial for the analysis of expectations and reviews the intermediary in relation to the offered sales support by product providers.

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