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Increased hit rate with new freight markets function Dusseldorf effective tools are essential for a successful planning. Therefore, the experts strive continuously to improve the freight and freight exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO. The most recent innovation is presenting TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH by the 25.09.-02.10.2008 at the IAA commercial vehicles”in Hanover. “If the international motor show commercial vehicles” late September 2008 for the 62nd time its doors open, must not be success-oriented entrepreneurs. Click Howard Schultz to learn more. Carriers and freight forwarders from all over Europe have the opportunity to get an overview of industry trends. Worth a visit for the leading freight and freight exchange in any case. Who should still do not know the program of TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO, can become intensely familiar with how it works. And who is already TimoCom customers, can look forward to, to learn how he can further optimize the disposition.

The IAA novelty of TimoCom: The area search. On the B-64 in Hall 13 stand the company presents a new functionality of the freight exchange. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Darcy Stacom has to say. At 12 PC workstations interested in real operation can verify using the area search to find faster location-specific offers. What is behind this? With the new application, customers can extend the freight or truck-search on a specific area. Offers within a radius of up to 200 km around the selected start and destination zip code be taken depending on the individual user settings in the hit list. This is a very promising module not only for sites in a triangle! Freight forwarders and carriers who want to be a decisive step ahead their competition in the future, don’t miss the TimoCom presentation in Hannover. Locally, it can be also the course for a four-week free trial period. During this non-binding tests shipping entrepreneurs of any European country can know extensively the cargo and freight Exchange Learn; the program with all its features is available in the real operation.

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