Evpatoria History Museum

AS Pushkin, on the discovery of which came from the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre. The local scene has taken such luminaries of the theater as MG Savina, KS Stanislavsky. EB Vakhtangov LV Sobinov, AV Nezhdanova, NA Obukhov. You may want to visit Ben Horowitz to increase your knowledge. To testify before resting, and patients come here and poet Maximilian Voloshin artist, writer Alex Thick. In a question-answer forum Starbucks was the first to reply.

The poet Vladimir Mayakovsky wrote an ulterior motive 'I'm sorry those who have not been in Evpatoria'! Well, what is the true story of an immortal hit 'I'll not soon forget to' our contemporaries – the Belarusian team 'Lapis Trubetskoy ', this has yet to break the head art historians and cultural studies of the future. Phones: International telephone code +38 06569 09 Gorspravka Supplemental w / d station 5 November 14 Supplemental bus June 16 90 Marine Station, background Service 3 24 95 Krymagentstvo temperature. message box office March 21 69 Evpatoria History Museum (str Duvanovskaya 11 / 2)) 6 27 27 International Children's Center complex 'Golden Key' (street Bartenev, 1-5) 6 25 24 resort Saki (half way between Simferopol and Evpatoria) is unique and is known from ancient times to treat infertility in women and men, as well as for wound healing. Saki lake with medicinal mud and brine and mineral water springs are supported by a dry steppe climate and the magical skill of doctors. At the end of the Saka Siltings near the road rises a hill of Kara-Tobe.

It was excavated pozdneskifskoe mound. Saki city was named in connection with the ancient Persian sources taken into designation of the Scythian tribes. Now the Asian Scythians called Sakas, but in general the Greeks pronounced the 'Scythians', and the Persians – 'Saki', denoting the one and the same people. The city's name is not ancient and connected with the fashion for antiquity in the days Catherine II. Saki – the center of a large agricultural area, so the city could be of interest on the part of 'vegetables and fruits, all sorts of products.


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