Company profile Mayr investment manager: The Mayr investment manager GmbH, founded in 1997 as Wolfgang Mayr Vermogensverwaltung GmbH, Munich, is active in the advice of mutual funds and portfolio management for institutional investors. The core competence lies in managing equity portfolios from a wide variety of asset classes around the world using quantitatively based investment strategies. Four investment funds are maintained in the area of retail funds. Sub Advisory mandates for more public funds to be added. Caterpillar often says this. You got’s acidic and Lipper Fund research awards from Mayr investment managers supervised investment funds among others by standard & poor. Company founder Wolfgang Mayr occurs in acidic Fund Manager rating 2008 with the highest rating of three gold medals and was awarded “Fund Manager of the year 2003” by the EuroFinanzen magazine. Text, images and Product brochure online at press contact: Peter Vogel, Markus Kohl Mayr investment managers GmbH Ottostrasse 13, D-80333 Munich, Germany Tel + 49 (89) 5 49 15 80 fax + 49 (89) 55 02 73 34 E-Mail: Internet: – answer section – “World Cup Fund asset portfolio” Please return by fax + 49 69 7103 4346, email or post mpr marketing public relations promotion Bockenheimer country str. 17-19 60325 Frankfurt am main World Cup Fund asset portfolio () please send me the press release by E-Mail to: () Please send me pictures by E-Mail at: () please send me the brochure by E-Mail to: () Please record this address to the press distribution list by MAYR INVESTMENT MANAGERS GMBH (text, images, and brochure online about) medium: Editorial: contact: Street/P.o. box: / zip code: Tel: fax: E-Mail:


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