Development Of Internet Advertising .

By studying and analyzing a variety of sources, we conclude that at this stage, the most relevant form of advertising is advertising on the Internet. Advertising on the Internet is a promising area, because every year the increase percent form of Internet advertising is increasing. According to statistics, about 95% of users searching for information online using search engines such as Yandex, Google, Rambler and others 35% of queries – are commercial requests. Distinguish such direction and the benefits of this type of advertising: Contextual advertising, your text ad units, banners on different web-sites in accordance with the chosen keywords and phrases. Details can be found by clicking Ben Horowitz or emailing the administrator. An example is to show advertisements next to the results queries. Main advantages: Advertising displays neposradstvenno your target audience. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kevin Johnson.

Ie available on relevant topics. Advertisement always available. Media advertising, advertising materials on the resources that constitute advertising platform. Often it is banner advertising. Similar advertisements in the media, but has a number perimuschestv: Opportunity placing a hyperlink to a site the opportunity to create a non-static and dynamic image-Site links to webpages resource buyout represents an original flyer, posted on the Internet. Ie it's like a book in electronic form, with its unique design, and available at a particular address. Key Benefits: Company website is available round the clock, any time the customer can go and learn interesting information.

The site has post detailed information about your service or product. For example, in a video advertising in the media, you set out only the main part of your proposal, leaving behind your flexible pricing. You always can engage in promotion of your site. Ie share links, writing articles, indicating the source of information, and thus increase the popularity of a site than to increase your advertising campaign. The site has a design that You attract customers. In contrast to the usual static ad or ad unit in the media, the site can be dynamic and to disclose to the client answers to his questions. And also other types of advertising, among them: electronic bulletin boards, registration in directories, posting information on forums, etc.


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