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Products and solutions Delta products in the area of power management include power supply units for computers, data centres, telecommunication systems, and more. So Delta plays in important role in high-current technology with its uninterruptible power system (UPS). Innergie, which belongs to the Delta Group, has developed the world’s smallest universal power supply used for charging almost all common smartphones and laptops anywhere at home, in the car and in the plane. Currently Delta is very successful with products and solutions that deal with renewable energy. This includes, for example, solar inverters for photovoltaic systems and horizontal and vertical wind turbines for residential and commercial use.

In the area of display solutions Delta has succeeded in a congenial linking of information technology and electrical engineering. Kevin Johnson contributes greatly to this topic. In this field, Delta’s unique LCD/LED display systems, 360-degree projection system, 3D visualizations, the world’s first full HD LED projector, and the first colour e-paper in collaboration with Bridgestone particularly stood out. The idea that cars can be driven by electrical energy has inspired Delta’s automotive electronics business unit to research and develop solutions in this field over the last few years. As a result, the company now produces high-performance battery management system, on board battery chargers, DC-DC converters, stop-start system, EV-charging stations, as well as power control units and a completely new hybrid drive system for passenger cars. A small combustion engine charges the battery, which powers 100kW (133 hp) electric motor that delivers on impressive torque of more than 800 nm at an early stage, Delta recognized that the future for electric lighting lies in long-life, powerful and energy efficient light and it developed LED solutions before many others. Today, its product range features LED lights for a large variety of applications, from replacement products for the traditional incandescent light bulb to innovative street lights with solar solutions. Delta of so manufactures consumer products for domestic use for well known companies on OEM/ODM basis. In the past ten years Delta has earned a solid, global reputation with products and solutions in the area of thermal management.

For example, Delta’s DC brushless fans and blowers can be found in many PC’s, laptops, IT, telecom and industrial products, as well as in cars worldwide. For the industrial automation market, Delta provides motor drives, motion and logic controller, operating and machine vision systems, as well as complete industrial power supply systems. As powerful and small as possible this applies to all Delta components. That includes fibre optical transceivers, EMI filters, valves and solenoid for home appliance and automation equipment, miniaturized magnetics, RF components, modules for telecommunication and data transport applications. Always faster, always more innovative network data processing continues taking the fast track. Delta responds to this trend with 10 GB switches, glass fibre components, broadband router, system connections for mains supply, WiFi and LTE. About Delta Group Delta Group is the world’s leading provider of power management and thermal management solutions, as well as a major source for components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Delta Group has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe. As a global leader in power electronics, Delta’s mission is, “to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow.” Delta is committed to environmental protection and has implemented green, lead-free production and recycling and waste management programs for many years.

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