Danfoss Residents

Interestingly, the first Some residents were opposed to his conduct and did not want to let the workers into their apartments. People are worried that work will be carried out with inadequate quality. However, the fears proved groundless. "Guys are working ok, – said the tenant house number 4 on the street. Sergei Sobutin. – Comes in an apartment at a convenient time for us, almost no dirt left.

There are, of course, a certain amount of construction waste, but I have a plumber, and I know that it is compulsory. " Another important fact – the benefits that residents receive the houses where the heating system was upgraded with the installation of energy efficient equipment. For example, at number 29 on st. Lenin Belorezk several elevator assemblies were replaced with an automated thermal point Danfoss, as well as the automatic balancing valves are installed at all riser and auto radiator Thermostats for heating radiators. Thermal Automatic freed residents from the "melt down" and "nedotopov, and at the same time gave a good savings. In the first heating season, the owners "won" an average of about 2700 rubles (in equivalent of one apartment) by reducing the amount of payments for heat.

I must say that for many the problem of high utility costs today are more than relevant. "In our partnership consists of two 12-storey home – said deputy chairman of the hoa "Veche" (Veliky Novgorod), Tatyana Ovchinnikova. – Because of the design features they have been assigned a heat coefficient of 1.32 (houses built on so-called "Crimean" project developed for southern regions).


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