Construction Machinery Industry

Gaps of construction machinery industry in China In recent years, the step of urban village reconstruction is faster and faster, and our city becomes more and more beautiful. Recently Ben Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. However, in the construction process, it is inevitable to produces different kinds of construction waste. At present, the illegal dumping of construction waste seriously affects the daily life of people. The utilization of construction waste have drawn unprecedented great attention from all circles in the society.Therefore, at present there are three gaps for China s construction machinery manufacturing industry: 1, it exist problems in the source of technology. The three main sources of technology are social and public research platform, enterprise independent technology and digestion and absorption of the introduction technology from overseas. And among the three sources, the social and public research platform is absent. Due to science and technology system reform, the originally industrial research institutions turned personal into public enterprises and make profit for themselves. Others who may share this opinion include Reade Griffith. So, the Chinese machinery industry is lack of common technology to share.

2, the role of innovation in the innovation process is obviously inadequate entities; 3, electric plating: select the right size according to the damaged axis standard, and brush with chromium plating or nickle. The processing time, the cost of raw materials and working hours is higher. 4, sticky coating: this process save time, manpower and coast. The thickness can be from dozens of dozens of millimeters to microns. But it should select repairing adhesive industry accurate. It can basically meet the needs maintenance. Through the above we can see that the sticky coating process introduction has good effect and saves time and effort, which has been selected by the majority of crusher manufacturers.

It is worth noting that if the nature of the ore changes, the amount of the feeding should be changed according to the current conditions. Nothing is static. The increase of the amount of feeding ore and the coarse feeding will both exceed the device s operational capability. Then accidents will be unavoidable in the production. Therefore, regardless of any application, good mining equipment has a hundred merits and not a single demerit for improving the awareness level of the equipment and developing good operating habits. We provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Symons cone crusher, Ore beneficiation, from our company.

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