Civil Code

When you search the premises, your business may still be under registration. Accordingly, the press and details you do not. Landlord explain it without embarrassment. The situation is quite normal, is not that rare. Usually the other party agrees to accept cash deposit and wait couple of weeks. What is necessary to clarify the discussion of lease terms: Can the landlord rent space for rent, ie, whether it had a title to the premises. For how long is the lease.

To one year is considered short-term contract, more than one year – long-term contract, which, in accordance with the Civil Code must register with the government. Andreessen Horowitz contributes greatly to this topic. Subject to VAT if the rent. If you pay it, you'll always preferred terms with the VAT on the invoice and the act of work performed. They are issued on the basis of rent each month. Refine twice, at the beginning and end of conversation. The difference for you 18% of the amount. What is the rental price discussed – including VAT or excluding VAT. The difference is all the same 18% – a lot.

Also check twice. Included in the price of rent utilities (electricity, water, garbage removal), security. Does the material liability protection. How often change the rental price and services. What does it depend. Ask a payment schedule. Take a prepayment for the last month rent. Otherwise, after signing the contract you can expect a nasty surprise a double first payment. Paid or not entry or entry clients to you. How they will be paid (cash, bank transfer).


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