Civil Code

The question of where to be published this notice remains open, as he settled only in relation to the trading estate, specified in items 1). And 2) above. Civil Code contains no indication of where the publication has to be done. From this we can conclude that the publication can be made in virtually any media, including online the organization or site of a specialized organization with which a contract. It all depends on the purpose of bidding – if the goal to attract potential buyers as possible, then notice must be filed the most readable in this region mass media, if the goal is simply to document the tendering, the notice may be filed with Ljubo local press.

The process of organizing and training Trading involves the following steps: 1. Deciding that the property should be sold at auction. 2. Creating a commission on trades. 3. Decision about who will be bidding.

4. Deciding on what it will be auction (open, closed on the content, open closed the form for submission of proposals). 5. Deciding where to publish a notice (in the case of open tendering) or who will be sent a notice of tender (in case sealed bid). 6. Deciding on the content of the text of the notice. The text of the notice shall contain the following information – the date of the auction, the place of trading; form of bidding, order, time and place familiarize applicants with the traded assets and documents on it; opening and closing dates for applications to participate in the auction, time and place of acceptance of applications for participation in the auction, the date, time and place of the definition of participants auction, the date, time and place of summing up the auction, information on the traded assets (characteristic), the procedure of bidding, the procedure for registration of participation in tenders and the procedure for determining a person, won the bidding, order application and sample application (with the list required for attachment to her documents describing the requirements for their design) – is given as an annex to the notice, the size, order, invoice and time deposit.


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