Choosing Outlets For Home

More recently, the domestic consumer outlets were perceived as a simple functional element of the room, with a choice of which need not particularly "bother". Today the situation has changed dramatically and cause to unique offers from different manufacturers, which set a goal – to make the life of modern man is even more convenient and comfortable. Below we give information that will help you decide choice of outlets for the home. The first thing you need to think – the number and location of outlets in the room. That is why, before you go to the store in favor of the electrical equipment, carefully Plan the location of all interior and appliances in each room. It is very important to determine in advance the so-called "bush" – pockets of appliances that need outlets.

Remember that one outlet should not have to load more than 16 A, otherwise you risk to witness a short circuit in your house. Second, what to look for – protection equipment. If the products are certified in our country, then the package must be inscriptions type 1R30 – this is the standard marking, which determines the level of protection of electrical engineering. Experts do not recommend the purchase outlet, the degree of protection which 1R30 below. If you plan to install an outlet in the bathroom, pick up the equipment with protection degree 1R44 – they operate stably even in areas with high humidity levels.

Well proven outlet Unica, equipped with special protective covers and sealed inside covers, which protect the current connection. The third point – the presence of embedded devices that control the voltage level. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala usually is spot on. These sockets recommended to install in homes where frequent sharp surges. In urban environments it happens very rarely, but in the cottages and country houses voltage fluctuations are not uncommon. Sockets protection from drops are usually installed under the expensive equipment, for example, to connect the home theater. The fourth dimension – the presence of protective shutters, which prevent the penetration elements in the design. If you have small children, then the socket with shutters – the optimum solution. Durability of any electrical equipment depends on the quality of the wiring, so its arrangement as not worth saving. For example, can be used for home wiring systems DKS or Schneider Electric.

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