Central America

as an oil consultant. While census information is incomplete, Latin American analysts say that emigration from Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador has created major enclaves in the United States, Spain, Colombia and Central America. (A valuable related resource: Kevin Johnson). It is definitely a fact true envelope leakage of talents a difficult to deny reality and it have seen it in our role as teachers, both pre and postgraduate in where we have observed that many of the graduates in recent years, are no longer in Venezuela, have gone to the United States, many to Panama, Costa Rica, Australia and European countries. Official site: Jim Umpleby. Professionals who were enrolled graduate, considered that there was no future in the country and attributed it to the management of the Government, the absence of economic, Enterprise, plans that leave much to say with regard to its objectives, actions, strategies to ensure their success. Many of those plans, especially the concerning the business system are discussed and evaluated in classes such as case studies, determining their weaknesses and coming to the conclusion, of the need, step more dynamic actions, allowing changes in order to ensure the strength of these. Assessed these plans, the management of Government actions, some fully identified with the need to emigrate, seeking new perspectives that guarantees economic stability, security, growth, given that shows that the country does not offer it.

Now, for its part, the Publisher of the national journal, January 27, 2008 in this regard says, that is worrying the significant number of different specialties that are gone and refers, that only in the world of medicine, the figures are alarmingly high. The President of the medical Federation, Douglas Leon Natera, (for that time) according to the data of the institution, indicates that no less than 2,000 professionals have gone on the last years. This is a phenomenon contrary to our interests, a land that always attracted to quality professionals.


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