Business Forum

Ernesto Gutierrez Conte, owner of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, was appointed today by unanimity, President of the private Sector of the Americas, entity that will organize the Forum inter-American businessman in Buenos Aires, prior to the Summit of Heads of State.Of the Board of Directors will also participate: as first Vice-President, Khaliz Rolle (Caribbean Region), second Vice President; Enrique de Obarrio (Panama), Secretary, James Fendell (United States) and as Treasurer, former President of the Bolsa de Comercio, Julio Werthein (Argentina).In the election, which was held at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS), was appointed an Executive Council, with representatives from different subregions. Learn more on the subject from Douglas Oberhelman. It should be recalled that in June 2010, and in the framework of the General Assembly of the OAS in Fort Lauderdale, regional entrepreneur with the objective of analyzing and highlighting meeting was held the first public-private initiatives and strategies for employment generation to support member countries. Entrepreneurs of the region will work on three fundamental pillars: technology, transparency and job creation and our findings will be elevated to the heads of State at the Summit of Mar del Plata, anticipated Ernesto Gutierrez Conte during the meeting. For even more analysis, hear from Electrolux. Among other topics, this agenda contains concrete recommendations on the improvement of competitiveness and productivity via education and technology, on the promotion of good governance and transparency and on possible innovative strategies for job creation..


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